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PRODUCT Catalogue 2016
LUXEM Catalogue 2016

Series of switches and sockets BIVA-CLASSIC

Within our Biva range we have developed a new family of flush-mounted switches and sockets, named Classic. We can offer you this discret and classic design in ice-white colour. The indicators which are inserted in switches and push-buttons have a very special lamp which is shining in blue colour.

The products are packed completely with frames. Multiple frames are packed in bags. You can buy them in all MERKUR shops.

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Completion of ranges FUISO-GEA-MAX

We have extended our ranges with following products:

-         socket with cover Fusio

-         socket vith cover Max

-         fourfold frame Gea


In some stores with eletrical installation programme you can already buy our flush-mounted switches and sockets with major water protection (IP44).

The products are packed in bags completely with frames. The range MIKRO IP44 is narrow. It contains only sockets, (all with frame) and classical instalation switches with single frames.

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